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ecofarms Mission

We live in times of extreme.  If we don’t make major changes to help the future of OUR PLANET, we face major consequences.  OUR WORLD is at risk of Environmental catastrophe.  Ecofarms is pledging to do everything in its power to make sure OUR PLANET EARTH stays healthy and vibrant for years to come.
Ecofarms is a fully sustainable, eco-village and permaculture farming development solution. It is constructed from Hemp, Algae and Graphene derived construction materials. Ecofarms is utilizing Hemp and Algae by-products for vertical revenues as well as renewable solutions.  Those solutions are in the production of Algae carbon fibers, hydroponic vegetables and fruit, purified filtered water remedies, industrial and medicinal hemp produce, and Algae-based proprietary nutraceuticals.  Ecofarms is also focusing on off-grid energy - utilizing water, solar, and green energy components backed by Blockchain solutions for transparency.
our mission.

Ecofarms provides strategic revenue streams through intellectual property ("IP"), in addition to the expansion of education, social responsibility and applied technologies for farmers at a domestic and global scale.

Our COmponents

Using cutting edge Technologies in Quantum physics as well as Planting in conscious geometrical shapes and living quarters for the best utilization of Earth including land, Earth, (Sun) fire, and water.

Algae for Omega3, protein, natural water filtration, nutraceuticals, animal and fish feed, natural bio-fuel for ecofarms.

Utilization of Hemp for over 10,000 years including paper, textiles, clothing, biodegradable plastics, paint, insulation, biofuel, food, and animal feed through the eco-village.

(TCM) Traditional Chinese Medicine utilizing Medicinal Mushrooms for cancer reduction and immune system enhancement for ecofarms and potential nutraceuticals.

Combination of Award winning biologists, molecular scientists, chemists, growers, farmers, and engineers all working collectively within harmony and frequency for permaculture and ecofarming.


Shaping the Life of Tomorrow, so OUR Future Generations can live in Peace, Harmony and Abundance.

It all begins with

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100% Eco Friendly

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Off-Grid Energy

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Consciousness Engineering

ecofarms Locations

Ecofarms has secured the land, licenses, banking, corporate structure, local employees, security, logistics in the regions below.  Most importantly, ecofarms has the important Strategic Alliances as well as the Political and Government approvals in the following emerging Capital Markets for us to develop our Technologies in eco-friendly farming and eco-village smart cities.





Global Diversification in Emerging Markets

SWAZILAND ecofarms
  • Both algae and hemp growth export licenses
  • Secured TaxFree Zone (SEZ) for Export
  • Secured Logistics and Government approvals
  • Secured 1500 hectares and 4500 hectares
  • (pending payment) Safe area for Africa (Soverign Kingdom)
THAILAND ecofarms
  • Both algae and hemp growth licenses secured
  • (2) rice & lemon grassfarms secured
  • Logistics and Government approvals secured
  • Corporation and Bank Account(s) finalized
  • Next phase of development plans & scope of works (pending payment)
  • Asia is largest market in Planet Earth
  • Both algae and hemp growth licenses secured
  • 3+ year track record on grows within the State
  • (2) land farms secured 60 acres and 100 acres
  • USA is major market for said ecofarms products
  • Easy expansion to local farmers in USA & Canada
  • Farmers will utilize ecofarms for crop expansion, saving money in energy costs, seeding (high yield) and guaranteed exit (sales)

Local Social Responsibility Focus

70% to 80% will consist of local and state employees. They will be trained and hired for all operations, including local University participation in permaculture, agriculture, and biology programs
Ecofarms will create an organic emphasis with local farmers in all aspects of the industry and supply chain. We will lead, teach and train local communities how to grow multiple products and maximize their profits from seed to sale.  All while being done by using disruptive technologies with implementation into sustainability.
We have teams of medicinal facilitators, pain management healing centers, globally recognized scientists, and local physician groups.  They have conducted trials and research involving successful curing practices dealing with cancer, depression, PTSD, anxiety and seizures.
We also have a private internal medicine line for pain killer substitutions and pain management.  It consists of Nutraceuticals and Wellness Treatment Centers for addiction treatment and saving the internal and external human systems with a core-focus on natural and organic substitutes.
Our remediation technologies assist with the purification and stability of conscious water.  The remediation of water for the oil and gas industry as well as for local farmers is crucial in order to build a sustainable future.  Water is the most valuable resource on OUR PLANET.  We will also concentrate in water remediation of ponds, streams and local water sources.

Ecofarms has taken a major stance to educate local farmers on Diversification into their crops.  Especially into the areas of Algae and Mushroom growth. This is from years of forming relationships with Farmers from all over THE WORLD.  We know the underlying problems of SEED, SOIL, SAVING ELECTRICITY and SELLING PRODUCT.  Ecofarms has created conscious awareness within the arena of permaculture.  We have developed renewable energy sources, organic compost via “BIOCHAR”.  We have different “On Site” scenarios utilizing natural resources for soil, generating seeds with high yielding plants that are worth growing in today’s market.  We assist from seed to sale of all production.

Our Practicing Ethics.

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Regenerative agriculture is a conservation and rehabilitation approach to food and farming systems. It focuses on top soil regeneration, increasing biodiversity, improving the water cycles, enhancing ecosystems.

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We will lead Community’s to work together and use available resources to respond to, withstand and recover from adverse situations.  OUR PLANET must start living in and concentrating on the Community level.

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Biodiversity is the variety of life on Mother Earth. Biodiversity is a measure of variation at the genetic, species, and ecosystem levels.

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Permaculture is a set of design principles centered on whole systems of thinking, simulating, or utilizing the patters and resilient features observed in natural ecosystems.  It uses these principles in a growing number of fields from regenerative agriculture, rewilding, and community resilience.


Ecofarms is 100% Organic and Eco-friendly in all aspects of agricultural growth and development. All fertilizers, water, and energy are organic components and compounds produced “onsite” and off grid.  They are produced organically from no sources other than Mother Earth herself, with no chemicals, geo-engineering, steroids, or non-organic based compounds. Our water and rainfall irrigation traps come from natural sources and are treated utilizing frequency and vibrations. All physical structures are based on sustainable irrigation basis, consciousness engineering, Eco-systems treatment facilities, Eco-friendly gardens for permaculture printing, and total off-grid management.

Corporate Overview and Objectives


Grow and produce Industrial and Medicinal Hemp flower for wholesale distribution through partner-channels from outdoor and indoor growth facilities;


Create a diversified model of eight (8) primary revenue verticals including algae, nutraceuticals/fungus, biochar, hemp, high yield seeds, biofuel, water filtration/remediation, and the utilization of renewable energy and sustainability solutions;


Create Eco-villages in which all roads, buildings, processing facilities, blocks, fibers, and insulation will be utilized all from Organic compost, Industrial Hemp, Graphene and Global Bio based based products.


Produce and sell Algae renewable carbon fibers produced from Algae oil.  Sell our Fungus based Proprietary line of nutraceutical products for healthy living, immune system boosting and enhancement.  The line also includes products of plant based high proteins, food supplements, Omega 3 Lipids, and pet/livestock food supplements.


Provide farmers a totally sustainable solution that has a Proof of Concept and is a vertical turnkey solution from “Seed to Sale” for both Hemp and Algae products.  We will also assist in securing product orders tracked via Blockchain.


Provide disruptive technologies in renewable energy sourcing, water remediation, filtration, seed genealogy, and soil.  We will bring forward greenhouse humidification to US domestic farmers including vertical potentials of bio lubrication oils, green ethanol and green fuel at a proof of micro-scale level.


Provide natural desalination and remediation solutions for mine ponds, municipal water treatment facilities and nuclear waste-water treatment centers.  We will create a greener environment for areas of America in which coal mining and natural gas was/is extracted.

Vertical Revenue Streams

Ecofarms INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY (“IP”) channels radically disruptive models in sustainability that will provide (7) seven primary revenue verticals including;
All revenue verticals will be marketed, tested, and re-sold thru licenses as intellectual property ("IP") to Farmers that are looking for exits and turn-key solutions based on current market trends, pre-sales of crop growth, and diversification. Ecofarms will also push for the expansion of education, social responsibility and applied technologies to farmers at a Domestic and Global scale.


What makes ecofarms different than anyone in the industry, at a global scale?

Our team of scientists, nano specialists, microbiologists, permaculture specialists, molecular and quantum engineers, and farmers have created eco-farming operations for ecofarms including the following;
Organic Eco-Friendly BioChar Soil; Dehumidifying Greenhouse(s); Frequency Hydroponics; BioGeometric Sustainable Living Solutions; Microbial Ecology; Non-Chemical Water Solutions; Energy Harvesting; Modular Building Systems; 3D Engineering Road Infrastructure(s); Green Coating Materials Heat Deflection; and high frequency Water filtration systems for maximum sustainability and cost reduction.




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Ecofarms has dedicated a portion of its renewable energy to the green energy sectors to stay ahead of the current market curves in sustainable operations. Although ecofarms is more focused in Asia, Africa, and Middle East with green options for sustainability, our team is extremely conscious of how small-scale Domestic operations can and may utilize green plants and bio-mass for renewable energy.

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Ecofarms has focused on off-grid Renewable Energy, in which will be secured internally (on site) as well as be issued as ("IP") intellectual property for domestic Farmers to reduce energy costs via WATER (HYDRO); WIND (TURBINE MADE OF RECYCLABLES); SOLAR STORAGE (BATTERY STORAGE) and GREEN BASED applications (Algal-Algae renewable carbon fibers & hemp based extractions).

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Ecofarms will also grow green bio-fuel friendly trees and plants.  As well as Cancer reduction roots, trees and fruits. We will also have berries, ginger, turmeric, elderberry, lemons, oregano, lavender, and additional proprietary plants and trees per geographical area, along with the indoor and outdoor grows to keep daily immune systems healthy. This will potentially lead to an additional line of retail products for locals.  We will make sure that we avoid all interactions with Big Pharma.

WHY ecofarms ALGAE?

Ecofarms has a majority portfolio positioning in Algae-based products including the growth of Algae for high protein, nutraceutical ingredients, lipids & green oils, Omega 3, animal feed additive, fish feed, oils and supplements, biomass, bio lubricants and algal carbon fiber. Algae represents a significant improvement over alternate biofuel sources for several reasons:

Unlike making ethanol and biodiesel, producing algae does not compete with sources of food. Because algae can be produced in brackish water its production will not strain freshwater resources the way ethanol does. Algae consume CO2, and on a life-cycle basis have a much lower emissions profile than corn ethanol given the energy used to make fertilizer, distill the ethanol, and to farm and transport the latter.

Algae can yield more biofuel per acre than plant-based biofuels – currently about 1,500 gallons of fuel per acre, per year. That’s almost five times more fuel per acre than from sugar cane or corn.


The anticipated global market size of nutraceuticals sector by 2022 is US $52 Billion. Ecofarms powered by WHI has secured (7) of our internal product lines.
US Omega 3 Market has doubled from 2011 to 2020 from $7 Billion in 2011 to $18 Billion in 2020.
Demand for algae-based products, other than from fuel, is growing rapidly. In 2010 between 9-13% chemical sales were bio-based, expected to grow to 22-28% of total chemical sales by 2025.
Algal biofuels in which algae enzymes convert drop-in biofuels, which are functionally equivalent to fossil fuels and are fully compatible with the existing petroleum infrastructure used in society.
Algae is utilized for the filtration of water (H2O) for enhancement of water quality. Algae’s rapid growth binds climate-damaging carbon dioxide (CO2) and also serves as a particular environmentally friendly raw material for producing carbon fibers, acrylonitrile, which until now has been produced almost exclusively from crude oil and natural gas.
Algae based nutraceutical products provide a cost-effective and non-addictive alternative to mainstream pharmaceutical products, without side effects associated with commonly available traditional pharmaceutical products.

Our Offices.

Copenhagen Office Image


Vesterbrogade 76 1620
Open hours 9:00 – 18:00
gmt +1
New York Office Image

New York.

250 West Broadway
Open hours 8:00 – 20:00
gmt -4
Oslo Office Image


Akkersbakken 12-0172
Open hours 8:30 – 17:30
gmt +1


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Total Revenue EBITA
(Algae & Hemp)

Total Fixed Costs
(Algae & Hemp)

Combined Financial Summary
(Algae & Hemp)

Global Scale Up


2000 Combined Global Projects, 70 countries, 50+ years of project management, immense focus on Agriculture & Sustainability

Owners and Founders

Senior Management

Construction and Land Planning

Strategic Alliance

Technology Management

Project Management & Logistics


Ecofarms and WHI has secured Internal Team of more than 50+ seasoned scientists, chemists, physicians, engineers, farmers and business professionals, with experience on more than 2,000 projects in 70 countries in fields of agriculture, renewable energy, water, hydroponics, sustainability, genetics, hemp, algae and mushroom grow, medicine and pharmaceuticals, development of nutraceuticals, cancer treatment, quantum healing, holistic medicine, quantum and nano technology. All supported by business experience in leadership, IT, blockchain, marketing and business development, logistics, finance and project management.

These details, at the discretion of the principles, will be provided upon furthered conversations.


Ecofarms and WHI have top global sales presence and logistics setup for all products.

Ecofarms combines over 15+ of top industry sales and personnel for end use of product.

Ecofarms has (3) Domestic USA sales teams, and (1) International sales team, currently with a track record of growth, sales, distribution. Ecofarms and WHI will guarantee the said sales of certain products, and wholesale flower if managed by our internal team appropriately for 100% total organic end-product.

Ecofarms and WHI Industry driven Sales teams will be established for a crucial success point of the business: sales of products. This Sales Team is highly regarded as an intricate part for wholesale sales, and on-site discussions with both local and domestic farmers for the licensing of said “IP” intellectual property.